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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I arrive for my mini lawn or Restaurant & Bar reservation?

Reservations are strongly recommended, so make yours in advance. We ask that guests arrive to The Rooftop at least a few minutes in advance of the time they made their online reservation for. Note, the escalators also take a minute or so from ground floor to rooftop.

How do I get to The Rooftop?

We’re located at The Seaport, on The Rooftop at Pier 17: 89 South Street
New York, NY 10038 To access The Greens, use the escalator located on the south side of Pier 17 (opposite of Brooklyn Bridge side). Guests who require special accommodations (ADA) may enter by using the elevators located on the ground floor near the Box Office (West Entrance).


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

For mini lawns, guests are able to reschedule or cancel before 48 hours of their made reservation time. Do this within your Tock account. Once within 48 hours of your reservation, all sales are final and non-refundable. For possible inclement weather, see “WEATHER” section below

Restaurant & Bar reservations can be canceled without penalty at any time, though we appreciate you canceling through Tock or reaching out to us as soon as possible for a heads up.

Contact Us

Who do I contact for same-day changes or time-sensitive questions related to my existing reservation?

For urgent changes to your reservation call 917-512-7540 or email [email protected]  

Note, mini lawns can host up to 8 total guests. If you made a reservation for less and now plan to bring more guests, this does not require a reservation update as long as your party stays under 8 total guests.

Who do I contact for media or press inquiries?

For all media enquiries related to The Greens, please contact [email protected]


What is included within the deposit fee?

The deposit fee secures one mini lawn for a 2-hour booking.  

**Kindly note, the deposit fee is a one-time, upfront charge and cannot be applied to your in-person dining bill. Additional costs will incur on-site based upon the food and beverages ordered during your mini lawn experience.**

What charity is receiving the donation portion of my reservation fee?

As part of The Greens continued efforts to support local charities, a portion of every reservation fee will be donated to a different organization each operating month.    

What are the mini lawn prices per day?


Note, prices are subject to change for specific packages and/or holiday special offerings.


Can I bring my own food or drinks to my reservation at The Greens?

No outside food or drinks are allowed within The Greens.

Does the menu have vegetarian options?

Yes, we offer multiple vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes! See these specific dishes marked with correlating symbols on our menu page.


Why are some days or times not available to be reserved?

The Greens is a pop-up venue between the Pier 17 Summer Concert Series, so operating days are limited. Should your preferred date/time not be available during this window, it has either sold out or The Greens isn’t operating then.


Do I get access to a mini lawn with my indoor bar reservation?

No. The Restaurant & Bar is a separate dining venue. It has a fuller menu, an indoor bar & two outdoor patios.

Are there any reservation fees for the Restaurant & Bar?

No. A Restaurant & Bar reservation incurs no upfront fee. You will be responsible for paying your dining bill in person.

Where is the venue located?

Our Restaurant & Bar is located on the west side of The Rooftop at Pier 17, separate from the east end’s mini lawns & Patrón Patio.


Are children welcome?

All ages are welcome! That said, our evening experience on the mini lawns & Patrón Patio includes live music & special programming that’s more suited to older audiences ages 21+.

Note, guests who are 2 years and older do count towards your reservation’s total guest count.

May I bring strollers and/or baby chairs?

Yes, strollers and baby chairs are allowed. Pier 17 is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.

Are The Greens pet-friendly?

Only licensed and harnessed service-animals are permitted on The Rooftop at Pier 17 and at The Greens.


Can I bring my own personal food or drinks to picnic within my reserved mini lawn?

The Greens is a hospitality destination, so no outside food or drinks are allowed.

How long may I use my reserved mini lawn?

Mini lawns are reserved in 2-hour increments. If you wish to extend your reservation, you may do so based on availability only. Please inquire with the host when you first check in.

How many guests can a mini lawn seat?    

Each mini lawn can seat up to 8 maximum guests. If you’d like additional chairs upon arrival, please inform on-site staff.

Note, one reservation secures one mini lawn. You will only dine with the guests in your own reservation party.

How big is each mini lawn?    

The green area of each mini lawn measures about 10 ft. x 10 ft., and can occupy maximum of 8 guests.

My group has more than 8 guests, can I reserve multiple mini lawns?

Yes, it is possible but based on availability. For more information on this – Inquire Now.


Can the public access The Rooftop at Pier 17?

Yes. Separate from The Greens, seating will be available for community access on The Rooftop’s west end. This seating will be available on a first-come-first-served basis only during rooftop operating hours, allowing visitors a place to meet and socialize at no cost.


Are reservations required?  

Reservations are not required: however, we strongly recommend making a reservation in advance, particularly for mini lawns as there are only 32 lawns available.  

Chase cardholders receive exclusive mini lawn inventory. Use your CHASE card to access.

When will new or future dates become available to reserve online?

New reservation dates are released on the 1st of each month for the following month.

For example:  Reservations within July 1 – July 31 will go live on June 1. Announcements will be made via email and social media.


Are The Greens available to rent out for a private special event?

Yes. For information on group outings or renting the indoor bar space, please contact [email protected] For more information regarding full rooftop buyouts, please reach out to [email protected]  


Who do I contact to coordinate a possible special occasion (marriage proposal, etc.) or group outing (beyond 8 guests in your party)?

Email [email protected] with your contact information and fully detail your request!


Is my reservation still on if there are storms in the forecast?

By chance there is extreme inclement weather that will affect operating hours, we will contact you directly the day of and cancel your reservation in advance. At this time only, we will do our best to accommodate rescheduling your reservation based on availability. Note: if you are not contacted prior to your reservation, then you should attend as planned as The Greens is open.

For additional questions, please visit Pier 17’s A-Z Guide or email [email protected] with “The Greens” mentioned in the subject line.

The Greens operating hours are subject to change.

The Rooftop at Pier 17 is an outdoor venue and may need to close due to extreme inclement weather to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Should The Greens close, you will be notified in advance of reservation.